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Our Story


Kansas City's ComedySportz first shows were in February of 1987.  Since then we have performed over 10,000 shows on 1 continent in front of more than a few people. Below is a brief history of how we got from here to now!

1987-1989: KC was started by Clancy Hathaway. He secured a space in the back room of Torre's pizza in Westport, doing 4 shows a week, 8 and 10:30 on Friday and Saturday nights.

1989-1991:  Clancy moved ComedySportz to 8th and May in the Lucas Place building downtown in Spring of 1989. During the run on 8th Street crowds continued to grow and a Thursday show was added. It was during the 8th Street years that KCCSz held their first "World Series of Comedy" tournament.

1991-1995:  It was time to move again. This time to the River Market, 5th and Walnut. Seating grew to about 125, and a Sunday show was added.

1995-2000: CSz moved to 5th and Delaware in the Fall of 1995. The first show in the Delaware location was for the 1995 World Series of Comedy. In 1996, KCCSz hosted the CSz National Tournament. Twenty-six teams from across the country were there.  We won because we hosted and that’s all I have to say about that.

2000-2010:  In August of 2000 Clancy moved to the 3rd and Charlotte Location. ComedySportz was renamed ComedyCity.  In  2010 he moved ComedyCity to the Westport Flea Market.  In late 2010 Clancy felt that it was time to retire.  His 25-year run as King of Improv in Kansas City came to an end when he sold the club to longtime performers Clay and Anissa Morgan.

2010 – 2016: Clay and Anissa Morgan, ran the club from the Westport Flea Market from 2010 to 2014. In 2014, they moved ComedyCity to the 3600 Broadway in the Uptown Shoppes.

2017 – 3567: Back to what got us here.  In January 2017 - ComedyCity found new owners.  Jim Montemayor, Jay Lewis and Dan Walsh purchased ComedyCity to continue the traditions started by Clancy Hathaway and Clay and Anissa Morgan.  All three former players Jim, Jay and Dan have revamped the show, the space and the menu.  We look to build on the success of our predecessors and provide the best entertainment value in Kansas City with a great show, excellent food the best customer service possible.  In July 2019 we moved across the street to the Uptown Theater.  More bathrooms and a cleaner floor with the same great showIf you've read this far, thank you! (and get back to work) Buy tickets, see shows. Hire us for your next event. 

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